Are orgies going out of fashion?

London escorts say that orgies used to be a very popular way to express yourself sexually, but they are now beginning to go out of fashion. Orgies have been with us for a very long time, and have been more popular in some countries than other. But recently orgies seem to have fallen by the way side and perhaps even been replaced by Swinger’s parties. London escorts say that they had many friends who used to be really into orgies, but they are now concentrating on other sexual practices instead.

Should we bring back the orgy? Many London escorts are keen to point out that the orgy has a long history and it can be traced back for many thousands of years. Magenta who works for a London escorts services, say that the orgy is probably as old as mankind and even many of our ancient ancestors had orgies. In some countries the practice of the orgy was more popular than others, and she says that we are at risk at losing the historical importance of the orgy. She herself has never been to an orgy but she has read a lot about the practices of the orgy in ancient societies.

According to Magenta from London escorts services, the ancient Romans were the masters of the orgy. They used to organise very extravagant orgies that sometimes seemed to have lasted for days. Orgies were not only practiced in private homes but according to Magenta from London escorts services, many official buildings in Rome supported orgies as well. If you wander around modern day Rome you will come across some very graphic artwork which seems to indicate the practice of the orgy was very popular in ancient Rome. Everybody went to orgies and the famous Roman senators were said to have been keen supporters.

It is not only in Rome where we can find traces of orgies. Magenta from a London escort service has also traveled to Greece and she claims that the Greeks also enjoyed more than one sexy orgy. Images in museums and places clearly indicate that the practice was wide spread, and it seemed to have been a bit of a cult according to Magenta from London escorts services. Greek society was very cult orientated and you simply joined a cult to pursue your interests. Some opted for literature but others opted for orgies.

Perhaps we are all a bit too hung up about sex these days. Yes, like Magenta from London escorts say, sex these days to involve a great deal of risk but you could make orgies risk free by using the correct protection. She says it would be a shame if the orgy died out altogether and was just replaced by Swinger’s parties, adult movies or porn novels.

According to Magenta the sexual landscape is changing very quickly and we are now more sexually aware than ever. The downside is, Magenta says, that many of us now have more sexual hangups than ever before and we are even scared to show our bodies in the flesh.