Should I make him choose

I have been dating this Sugar Daddy on my Saturday nights off from He is a great guy, but recently I have realised that I am not the only girl he dates on a Saturday night. It all started when he found me up and told me that he was sick one Saturday night. At first I believed him as he did not sound too good on the phone, but that he started to do it on a regular basis, and I figured out that he was seeing other girls.

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It did make me too happy as I realised I was missing out. He had agreed to see me every Saturday night and when we not hooking up on a Saturday night, I was missing out on the deal. Like I said to the girls at Canary Wharf escorts, I was ending up out of pocket and I am not sure that it was far on me. Honestly I could have been dating another Sugar Daddy to make the most out of my Saturday night.

The question is if I should just drop this guy or make him choose. If he is serious about wanting to be my Sugar Daddy, he really should honor his commitment to me. Next time when we meet up with each other, I need to ask him, if he wants to spend Saturday night with me. It will not be easy to make this guy choose, but at the e nd of the day, I think that it is the best way that I can cope with him. Some guys think they can control your life, I am not sure that I like that at all.

When I first got into dating Sugar Daddies on my days off from Canary Wharf escorts, things went very smoothly. Since then I have run into a couple of guys who like to take advantage of you. They think that they can treat you more like an escort. That is not really what dating a Sugar Daddy is all about, and if you would like to hook up with me as an escort, it is fine, but you need to be prepared to realise it is one a different basis.

Most girls at Canary Wharf escorts now have a Sugar Daddy. I did not think that it was the sort of thing that I wanted to get involved with at first, but if you find yourself a good Sugar Daddy, it can really work out for you. I thought I had found my dream Sugar Daddy, but it seems that he does not think that I am his dream Sugar Babe. Perhaps I should check out if I can find another Sugar Daddy. I am sure that there are at least one or two gentlemen that I meet up with at the escort agency in Canary Wharf who would like to apply for the position if you know what I mean. Give me a call, or fill in the online application form.

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