The One Thing That Matters Most!

the one thing that matters most-blogpostIf there is one certainty in life (other than taxes and death) then it’s this:

There will always be noise.

In other words, no matter what we do, there will always be a crap-load of distractions trying to pull us off course and consume our limited amounts of time and resources.

Noise sucks, but we all have to deal with it.

People who find the greatest success are usually those who can focus on the stuff that’s most important and ignore the noise. (Tweet This!) They tend to have the unique ability to push away all the clutter and focus on the thing or things that will make the most impact.

It’s funny, but when I was first introduced to XXXchurch, it was not because I was looking for help with my porn addiction (ironically). No, it was their approach to evangelism.

It was the fact they hosted porn debates at public universities.
It was the interviews that Craig did where he maintained his faith but didn’t come off like some religious ass.
It was the idea that they handed out Bibles that said on the cover “Jesus Loves Porn Stars.”
It was that their definition of a missions trip didn’t take you to third-world countries but to the largest porn and sex shows in the world.

Yea, I needed help with my porn addiction, but that’s not what drew me to this ministry. What got me was their message:

Jesus loves you and we’ll do whatever it takes to let you know that. (Tweet This!)

In a day and age where churches and ministries seem so consumed with all the noise, it’s great to work for an organization that says, “Forget all that! We just care about the one thing that matters most … that people meet Jesus.”

If you haven’t read or heard the story of Brittni Ruiz then you need to check out this video. It’s amazing and shows you the truth behind the message that Jesus loves porn stars.


We at XXXchurch will always be out there helping raise awareness about pornography addiction.

We will always be a source for recovery and help.

But in the end we will always focus on what matters most. (Tweet This!)

That Jesus loves you. That he loves everyone.

Right now we are running our “Donate Bibles” Campaign where we are trying to raise $50,000 to manufacture 30,000 copies of our Jesus Loves Porn Stars Bibles. Bibles that will be handed out to thousands of men and women involved in the sex industry.

We are doing this because we know this matters most.
We know that people need to meet Jesus.
We know that a Bible can change a person’s life just like it did for Brittni.

But we need help. We need people like you to come up alongside of us and get us to the finish line.

Please consider supporting us.

Yes, $5 can buy a mean cappuccino at Starbucks, but it can also change a life. It can help you DO THE ONE THING THAT MATTERS MOST.

Help us focus past the noise of legalism and cultural expectations.

Support the Bible Campaign today.

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